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  • BANGLADESH uploaded data for Real Sector(Y)
  • BANGLADESH uploaded data for Vulnerability Indicators(Y)
  • BANGLADESH uploaded data for Socio Economic Indicator(Y)
  • BANGLADESH uploaded data for Public Finance(Y)
  • BANGLADESH uploaded data for Money and Banking(Y)


The objective of development of the SAARCFINANCE Database (SFDB) is to provide a comprehensive time-series database on macroeconomic indicators of the SAARC countries to disseminate information and promote economic education and facilitate research on economic and financial issues for the mutual benefit of SAARC member countries with a view to further public policies, co-operation and coordination among member countries of the region. Time series data in the SFDB are presented sector-wise and frequency-wise, in both national currency and US dollar terms, that can be easily downloaded and saved as excel files for further processing and analysis.

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